The Last Page Goes Free Dec. 25-27

In my quest to write my way around the genre, I have co-written a cozy mystery novella, THE LAST PAGE, which is set in a library. David J Walker, a fine Chicago author, was my partner in crime. Librarians, take note: We kill the library director. I entered the story into the Amazon Select program … Read more

E-book Prices

I think I’ll write a much more reasoned blog next week after the holidays, but I’ve been reading a bunch of blogposts on the subject of e-book pricing over the past few days, and they make me want to scream. Here are some of them: The Passive Voice ( A compilation of posts) One Author … Read more

Second City to None in Books: ToxiCity

I am amazed and honored to report that TOXICITY was among the books cited by the Chicago Tribune in their list of favorite 2011 Chicago authors’ books! Here’s the link to the article. Some of my other favorite authors were also listed, including Laura Caldwell, Dave Heinzmann, Jamie Freveletti, Marcus Sakey, all of whom are … Read more

Another Fabulous Anthology!

I know, I know… ‘Tis the season for anthologies, and I’ve run across several, which I’ve already told you about. But TALES FROM THE BACKLIST  is special. (And not just because my story is the first one… ahem…) It includes 19 stories by a group of us who call ourselves the BackList EBooks group. All … Read more

An Eye For Murder: Audiophile Alert

So it happened! My first Ellie Foreman novel, originally published in 2002, is now (finally) out on audio! You can find it on Audible— the narrator was actress Karyn O’Bryant, and she did a fabulous job. Btw, this all happened through ACX, and I couldn’t be more pleased. As I’ve said a couple of times, I … Read more

A Conversation about Online Book Promotion: What, How, and Why

As you know, I’m both a traditionally published and indie author. Last week I talked about traditionally published authors, but this week I’m crossing over to the indie side of the street. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have hooked up with some imaginative and creative indie authors who not only write wonderful books but know … Read more

Ode To Traditionally Published Authors

I just got back from the annual Sisters in Crime luncheon in Chicago’s Greek Town where I was one of the guest speakers, along with Sara Paretsky and Barb D’Amato. All of us were at one time President of the National organization, which many of you know is dedicated to the development and promotion of … Read more