Just for Fun…

This has been on my computer for a long time — a friend sent it to me years ago. But since we’ve been talking about bookstores, I thought I’d share. Confucius say, If you are in a book store and cannot find The book for which you search, you are obviously in the..

Awards — ITW Steps Up!

Some of you who’ve read my pros and cons post comparing traditional and e-book (self or indie) publishing know one of the sticking points for me has been book awards. Heretofore, the awards given to mysteries and thrillers have been limited to traditionally published books. Sure, there might be indie awards, but they don’t have … Read more

To E or Not To E: The Video

One more thing to tell you about. Last September, I did a presentation at a Sisters in Crime event in St. Louis about traditional vs. e-publishing (self-publishing). It was videotaped, and the edited version is now on You Tube! It’s only 20 minutes. It’s pretty much what I said in an earlier blog about a … Read more

Mid Week Pick-Me-Up and Win a Kindle Fire Contest

A friend e-mailed me the other day to say the cover of DOUBLEBACK was in Wired Magazine’s  WIRED APP GUIDE in an article about Kindles. Of course I rushed out to find it (Thank you Barnes and Noble), and sure enough, there it is — in the lower left  — along with a few others. … Read more

Two Indie Gems, Dedicated to Susan

My best friend, Susan White, died of breast cancer in 2004. If you’ve read any of my Ellie Foreman books, you’ll recognize her. Curiously, she was the only character whom I lifted from real life:  her name, her looks, her love of Celtic knots. I wrote the books while she was still alive. Before she … Read more