Mid Week Pick-Me-Up and Win a Kindle Fire Contest

A friend e-mailed me the other day to say the cover of DOUBLEBACK was in Wired Magazine’s  WIRED APP GUIDE in an article about Kindles. Of course I rushed out to find it (Thank you Barnes and Noble), and sure enough, there it is — in the lower left  — along with a few others. … Read more

Two Indie Gems, Dedicated to Susan

My best friend, Susan White, died of breast cancer in 2004. If you’ve read any of my Ellie Foreman books, you’ll recognize her. Curiously, she was the only character whom I lifted from real life:  her name, her looks, her love of Celtic knots. I wrote the books while she was still alive. Before she … Read more

To E or Not to E: An Update

As most of you know, I’m a crime fiction author, both traditionally  and e-published. About eighteen months ago Joe Konrath asked me to blog about the benefits of traditional publishing. I did. Then, as I started e-publishing more myself, that post developed into a presentation comparing the Pros and Cons of traditional vs. e-publishing. I’ve … Read more

Help for Special Needs Kids — and Their Parents

A very different post today. But just as important as the ones before.   A good friend of mine who lives in the UK just published a wonderful resource for parents of Special Needs Kids. The UK educational system isn’t that different from ours, at least in Chicago, in terms of what hoops you need … Read more

Predictions: E-books and Publishers and Amazon

First off, I’m not a prognosticator or guru. As a traditionally published and indie author, I straddle both sides of the fence, but I have no academic or other credentials from which to predict the future of ebooks and  publishing. But occasionally I do like to take the long view and try to make sense … Read more

What the Dutch think about hard-boiled American fiction…

I am delighted to have Dutch author Jochem Van der Steen as my first guest blogger. Jochem has a terrific blog, Sons of Spade which is devoted to hardboiled crime fiction. I  just discovered he is also the founder of the Hardboiled Collective, a group of like-minded hardboiled crime writers, including Timothy Hallinan, Bill Crider … Read more