Jury Duty: My Day at the Daley Center

Two days ago I was called for Jury Duty down at the Daley Center, which for those of you not from Chicago, is both the city and Cook County courthouse in the heart of the Loop. It mostly tries civil cases, ie lawsuits. As it happens, I don’t mind being called for jury duty. It … Read more

The Gold Coast Madam

Hi, all. I am delighted to have the authors and publisher of a new book called THE GOLD COAST MADAM: The Secret Life Of Rose Laws over here today. For those of you not in Chicago, the Gold Coast, nestled just on the edge of Lake Michigan, is probably the most affluent neighborhood in the city. This … Read more

Yo, Chicago: Your History is Calling…

I’m both embarrassed and proud.       Embarrassed because I’ve lived in Chicago almost 35 years but never really knew much about Jane Addams and Hull House until yesterday.   Proud because such an amazing woman and the institutions she created are part of my “home town” history.   I had the opportunity to … Read more

Going All Fangirl!

  The holidays are upon us, so before everyone scatters (mentally more than physically), I wanted to share some recent fangirl moments that I’m still stoked about. Consider this a 2012 Fangirl round-up. Homeland I continue to be a Homeland junkie, and despite a few blips in Season Two, I still think it’s one of … Read more

Second City to None in Books: ToxiCity

I am amazed and honored to report that TOXICITY was among the books cited by the Chicago Tribune in their list of favorite 2011 Chicago authors’ books! Here’s the link to the article. Some of my other favorite authors were also listed, including Laura Caldwell, Dave Heinzmann, Jamie Freveletti, Marcus Sakey, all of whom are … Read more