Still Star-Struck After All These Years

This is a reprint of a blogpost originally published on The Lipstick Chronicles, which is sadly gone now. Given the day, I thought you’d appreciate it.   One of the nice things about being an author is that people don’t usually recognize you when you break out of the cage and go outside. Which means … Read more

My Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

Hi all. The holidays have started in earnest, and I’ve got all sorts of gifts for you this month. Btw, when I say you, I mean YOU, my reader friends. These aren’t for anyone else (unless you want to give them away)… they’re meant to tide you over when you’re shopping, cooking, partying, and generally … Read more

Banish the Gloom with A Place to Call Home

Trump is busy embarrassing the country. 2016 is predicted to be the hottest year on record, bringing climate change worries to the fore. Many of us are still in mourning after the election, and practically no one around the world is sanguine about the future. Let’s face it — we’re going through a very gloomy … Read more

5 Great Books That Were Movie Stinkers

I’m taking an online course with Aaron Sorkin this summer (oh joy!), and for a change, I’m trying to wrap my head around films, as opposed to books, and what makes a great screenplay. (Hint: It’s not these). How many times have you loved the book but hated the film? Some people swear books are … Read more

I Really Wanted to Like Eye in the Sky

Last week I saw Eye in the Sky. I really wanted to like it. With Colin Firth producing, Helen Mirren as Colonel Katherine Powell and the late Alan Rickman, in his final movie role, as Lieutenant General Frank Benson, the signs were all good. But it fell a bit short. The story goes like this: … Read more

The World’s Top 5 Viral Videos

Remember the cute video of a poodle puppy wiggling his behind? Or the one of Chicago that took years to produce? Don’t forget the original ‘wedding aisle dance‘ video. And here’s a video starring a laughing baby, shared millions of times. Now and again a video goes viral, shared multiple times by thousands or even millions of people … Read more

A Tour of Jump Cut

      Thought you might be interested in a video tour of some of the locations I’ve used in Jump Cut, which comes out next week. The settings range from Ellie Foreman’s hang-outs on the North Shore of Chicago, Lake Geneva, Wi, as well as some locations in downtown Chicago. Enjoy!       … Read more

Love in a Politically Unstable Climate

Few of us live in total isolation. Most of us love somebody, whether it’s a mother, father, children, relatives, or even a pet. I think when you write female characters as I do, love is a natural part of the plot. Which is why, in every book I’ve written, there is some allusion or reference to … Read more

Join The Jump Cut 50-Skype-Book-Club-Celebration!

JUMP CUT, the 5th installment of my Ellie Foreman Mystery Series will be published on March 1. In order to celebrate and get it into the hands of as many readers as possible, I’m aiming to be a guest at 50 Book Clubs via Skype. Will you join me? An Author at Your Book Group … Read more