A Conversation about Online Book Promotion: What, How, and Why

As you know, I’m both a traditionally published and indie author. Last week I talked about traditionally published authors, but this week I’m crossing over to the indie side of the street. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have hooked up with some imaginative and creative indie authors who not only write wonderful books but know … Read more

Ode To Traditionally Published Authors

I just got back from the annual Sisters in Crime luncheon in Chicago’s Greek Town where I was one of the guest speakers, along with Sara Paretsky and Barb D’Amato. All of us were at one time President of the National organization, which many of you know is dedicated to the development and promotion of … Read more

Awards — ITW Steps Up!

Some of you who’ve read my pros and cons post comparing traditional and e-book (self or indie) publishing know one of the sticking points for me has been book awards. Heretofore, the awards given to mysteries and thrillers have been limited to traditionally published books. Sure, there might be indie awards, but they don’t have … Read more

To E or Not To E: The Video

One more thing to tell you about. Last September, I did a presentation at a Sisters in Crime event in St. Louis about traditional vs. e-publishing (self-publishing). It was videotaped, and the edited version is now on You Tube! It’s only 20 minutes. It’s pretty much what I said in an earlier blog about a … Read more

To E or Not to E: An Update

As most of you know, I’m a crime fiction author, both traditionally  and e-published. About eighteen months ago Joe Konrath asked me to blog about the benefits of traditional publishing. I did. Then, as I started e-publishing more myself, that post developed into a presentation comparing the Pros and Cons of traditional vs. e-publishing. I’ve … Read more

Predictions: E-books and Publishers and Amazon

First off, I’m not a prognosticator or guru. As a traditionally published and indie author, I straddle both sides of the fence, but I have no academic or other credentials from which to predict the future of ebooks and  publishing. But occasionally I do like to take the long view and try to make sense … Read more