Killer Femmes: The Stories Behind The Stories

Killer Femmes

The Killer Femmes “bundle” (also available on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks) is special because I’m sharing space with some of my favorite  authors in the crime fiction community. They are all terrific writers, and I gobble up their books as soon as they come out. But I realize you might not know them… so today I’m … Read more

Best Beach Read Of The Summer

A couple of months ago mystery author Sujata Massey approached me about doing a “Bundle.” For the uninitiated, a Bundle is a collection of novels by several authors, usually sold at a discount. I didn’t  say no (story of my life, but that’s another story), and the result is Killer Femmes. The reason I accepted is that the … Read more

An Apology to the Northfield Police

My most recent blogpost was about the shooting in Northfield at rapper Chief Keef’s house. And while we still don’t know a lot of details about the incident, I made some comments about the Northfield police that were—well— kind of smart-ass. And inaccurate. And because I really admire and like Bill Lustig, Northfield’s current Police … Read more

It’s Steve Sanders’ Fault; Les Edgerton’s too

I was at a Christmas party two years ago at which WGN  news anchor Steve Sanders was also a guest. We started to chat, and when he found out I was a crime writer he told me he had a story for me. Those words are like catnip for a kitten — I’m a sucker for a … Read more

What Is Suspense?

Here’s a transcription of the first video in my Writing Lite series, in advance of Top Suspense Group’s Hangout this Thursday, 20th February 2014. We’d love to have you join the hangout, btw, and you can do it by clicking here or on the link below. Secrets to Writing Top Suspense OK. Here’s the transcript: Take one neighbor, … Read more

News And Views

Just a few snippets of news from my corner of the universe… An interview with me in The Examiner by Terry Ambrose is here, but here’s the first graf: Libby Hellmann ( writes what she calls “compulsively readable thrillers.” In this interview, the thriller author talked about where the idea for her latest book came from and … Read more

The Fussy Librarian

There’s a new “discovery” website called The Fussy Librarian launching this week. It’s a place where readers sign up, indicate what kinds of books, ebooks, or audios they prefer (genre, degree of violence, sex, etc) and get customized emails either daily or weekly with recommendations. You don’t buy anything on the site, you simply take a look, … Read more

English Bookstore in Havana: How You Can Help

As you know, I’ve been talking about Calle Libro, the first English language bookstore that’s opened in Havana since the revolution. While they’re wildly popular, like many businesses in Cuba, they do not have the funds to buy books. So, for those of you who want to help, whether you’re planning a trip yourself or … Read more