Digital Book Today Reposts “English language bookstore in Havana”

Just a note to let you know that Digital Book Today has reposted my news about the English language bookstore opening in Havana. Which gives me another opportunity to urge any and everyone who might be going to Cuba in the next few months to take  an extra bag with gently used or new books … Read more

Chicago Tribune Reviews Havana Lost

I was thrilled to get this review of Havana Lost in today’s Chicago Tribune… in Rick Kogan’s Literary Saloon. Btw, the photo was taken at 90 Miles, Chicago’s best Cuban restaurant, in front of a mural depicting the restaurant owners in Havana Vieja. If they could go back. Libby Fischer Hellmann, author of the new … Read more

Havana Found – A new English language bookstore in Havana

I like that my latest release, Havana Lost, hit the shelves around the same time a little miracle happened. After decades without an English language bookstore, one has opened in Havana. It’s the first one since the revolution. Does the new store, aptly named Cuba Libro, mark the start of Cuba’s eventual re-entry into the … Read more

No Ordinary Book Club Repost

Probably the most unusual—and moving—experiences I’ve had as an author was visiting a book club in a women’s prison to talk about my 3rd (and darkest)  Ellie Foreman novel, AN IMAGE OF DEATH. I’ve recounted that day in a blog post which Anthony Wessell at Digital Book Today has decided to repost over there. Click … Read more

Spring Steal of a Deal

Georgia Davis Boxed Set Thrillers

Hi, all. Just wanted to let you know that The Georgia Davis Boxed Set, which includes my 3 thrillers EASY INNOCENCE, DOUBLEBACK, and TOXICITY is just $2.99 all week until April 6. For all three. A steep discount from the normal $9.99 price. So please, take advantage!! You can find them here.