Where Should We Send Your Stories?


I’ve given a lot of thought about what to give readers who sign up for my newsletter. After all, you’re permitting me to enter your email once a month or so, and I consider that a privilege that I hope you will not regret.  So I want to give you something back. Many authors give away their 1st novel to interest you in buying their second #2, #3, etc. But I’d rather that you get to know my writing—my style, my voice, and subject matter, rather than a novel you might read… or not.

So I’ve decided to gift you with 7 short stories. I love short stories… writing them, reading them, thinking about them afterwards. I hope you do, too. I think these will give you a great sense of my writing. They might even help you decide which book of mine you’ll want to read.

Bottom line: Over the course of the next couple of months, you’ll get those 7 stories (along with the inside scoop about my writing, upcoming events, and rants) absolutely FREE.

After all, they say that short stories are like an affair, while a novel is like a marriage. The choice is yours. 🙂


Libby Fischer Hellmann left a career in broadcast news in Washington, DC and moved to Chicago a long time ago, where she, naturally, began to write gritty crime fiction. Sixteen novels and twenty-five short stories later, she claims they’ll take her out of the Windy City feet first. She has been nominated for many awards in the mystery writing community and has even won a few. More at https://libbyhellmann.com.

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