How To Commit The Perfect Murder: Let Me Count the Ways

When I began writing crime fiction, I remember lots of chatter about the perfect murder weapon. The undetected murder. The exotic substance that couldn’t be identified. I heard about poisons like oleander, foxglove, arsenic, and — moving up the hazardous bio-chemical scale — cyanide, sarin, and anthrax. Indeed, I flirted with ricin in one of … Read more


My two-week sojourn across Italy is over, and I’m in the UK for a little R&R. Home this weekend. It was a marvelous trip, and I met some terrific women, mostly from Arizona, as is the guide, author, and tour leader, Corinna Cooke. Her small 5-person group tours are a treat, and I strongly encourage … Read more

Chicago Blues Fest

Chicago’s Blues Fest is usually the first or second weekend in June. I used to go every year, picnic with friends, and get down with one of my favorite genres of music. Then I got published and discovered that Printers Row Book Fest was the same weekend. Goodbye, Blues Fest. Printers Row has since changed its … Read more

Why I’m Writing My Way Around the Genre

TBT# I thought I’d reprint some of my more thoughtful blogposts from years past. There’s a brand new audience of writers and authors who’ve never seen them. And, by George or Georgia, they should! Hope you like this one.   Some readers read mainly one genre. Romance, for example. Or historicals. Or Sci-fi. The genres … Read more