The Day Miriam Hirsch Disappeared

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THE DAY MIRIAM HIRSCH DISAPPEARED was the first short story I wrote. My son had been given a book called THE JEWS OF CHICAGO for a Bar Mitzvah present, and when I thumbed through the photographs, they resonated with me—especially those taken during the 1930’s in Lawndale, at the time a prosperous Jewish community on Chicago’s near West Side. Little did I know then that the story I wrote about those photos would become the “prequel” to the four Ellie Foreman novels. Or that the Ellie Foreman series would be the prequel to the Georgia Davis series. The story, which won the Bouchercon short story contest in 1999, was first published in the Bouchercon Program book. It was later published in ANTHOLOGY TODAY, where it also won a contest, and in the now defunct FUTURES MAGAZINE.


This fascinating short story by renowned novelist Libby Fischer Hellmann is a wonderful return to the Chicago of the 1930s. Great atmosphere, great characters and a good story line with a Jewish theme.

The story is a prequel to her Ellie Foreman series and won the Bouchercon short story competition in 1999.

A delightful read!

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