Review Crew


Thank you for your interest in being on Libby’s Review Crew. This is your invitation to be part of a team to receive every novel, short story, and novella I write for FREE before they’re published.

All I ask in return is an honest review at the time of the book launch. While you’ll have at least 6 weeks or more to read the ARC (Advanced Readers Copy), you’ll need to post your review within a 2 or 3-day window when the book is officially launched.

We’ll be monitoring to see who follows through, and if you don’t, well, because reviews are so important for an author these days, we’ll probably have to invite someone else to take your spot.

Ideal candidates for “Libby Review’s Crew” are:

  • Avid readers of mystery/ thriller novels
  • Readers who’ve read my books
  • People who write honest, thoughtful reviews
  • People who love being in an inner circle
  • People who will follow through

Sound like you? Just fill out this form to join, and we’ll be in touch.