As of February, 2017, I am now hosting a new, streaming internet TV show called SOLVED! As you can guess, it’s an interview show with well known and upcoming thriller and mystery authors produced by Author’s Voice, a division of the Abraham Lincoln Bookshop in Chicago.

I was delighted to accept — I’ve finally come full circle. As many of you know, I spent eight years in broadcast news before I moved to Chicago. So I was thrilled to welcome best-selling author Michael Harvey as my first guest. Full videos of all our guests follow. Enjoy!

March 10, 2017 Interview with William Kent Krueger

April 15, 2017 Interview with Sara Paretsky

May 23, 2017 Interview with Renee Rosen

June 9, 2017 Interview with German author Marc Elsberg and BLACKOUT

June 24, 2017 Interview with Cara Black

Aug. 3, 2017 Interview with Marcus Sakey

September 7, 2017 Interview with Emilie Lucchesi

October 25, 2017 Interview with Laura Caldwell

December 8,2017 Interview with Gail Lucasik

January 5, 2018 Interview with Jamie Freveletti

January 10, 2018 Interview with Sujata Massey

February 22, 2018 Interview with Melanie Benjamin

March 21, 2018 Interview with Jeffery Deaver

April 27, 2018 Interview with Sebastian Rotella

May 17, 2018 Interview with Brian Freeman

May 22, 2018 Interview with Michael Koryta

June 14, 2018 Interview with Victoria Thompson