Writing Lite Tip 2: One clause sentences. Two at the most

LIbby Hellmann Writing Lite Tip No 2

Long, languorous sentences make it difficult for the reader to follow, unless he or she is a very patient reader. Most readers aren’t, sorry to say. They’re interested in story. Not the prose you’ve so carefully crafted. So, make it easy for your readers. Limit your sentences to easily understood thoughts. Each sentence should add … Read more

Writing Lite Tip 1: Delete extraneous words: “sometimes,” “almost,” “very,” “that”

Writing Lite Tip #1

Writing Lite Tip #1


Are you a writer? Well, if you are, you need to master the craft of fiction. No matter what genre or niche you’re writing. It will make you a better writer, more easily published, & marketable. To help you get there, I’ve decided to expand my “Writing Lite Series” by offering 50 Tips for Fiction Writers. Today is Tip #1.

Each tip will be posted both on Pinterest and here. I hope you find them useful. And fun. Not to worry—they’re short.


Writing Lite Tip 1: Delete extraneous words like “sometimes, almost, very, that…”

In our efforts to be precise, we often end up doing the opposite by adding words like “sometimes, “almost,” or “very.” Nine out of ten times you don’t need them. They qualify the verb or noun they precede but, at the same time, they weaken those verbs and nouns.

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