Kent Krueger Talks About Writing

Eighteen months ago I interviewed my good friend William Kent Krueger on my Second Sunday Crime radio show —actually it was the show premiere. At the time he’d just started writing his 15th Cork O’Connor novel. It’s now been released. It’s called Manitou Canyon, so now seems like the perfect time to delve into what Kent and I … Read more

Is it Worth It?

I am delighted to host friend and fellow author Patti Abbott, whose first novel was just published. Writing clearly is in the family’s blood– Megan Abbott is her daughter and must have learned at her mother’s knee. Still, Patti has some questions about it all. I know what I’d say to her, but I’d rather have … Read more

A Motion Picture In Slow Motion

I’m thrilled to host my friend and fellow writer Deborah Donnelly today. She actually had one of her books made into a TV movie! See? It really can happen. Here’s Deborah’s story.  I used to be a terribly impatient person. Now I have a black belt in waiting. You see, Veiled Threats, the first title in my … Read more

Google+ Comes Of Age

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re in a warmer place than I am. What a winter! Okay, back to business. Every once in a while, things happen that I think are serendipitous, but in retrospect, I realize they were put in my path for a reason. That happened over the holidays. As everyone knows, Facebook … Read more

Animal Lovers: This Is For You!

  By Libby Hellman  12-2-2013 My friend and Top Suspense colleague Vicki Hendricks, mistress of erotic noir fiction, heads in a different direction with Fur People, a novel about animals and the people who love them. For those of you who may not be familiar with her, Vicki is the author of noir novels Miami Purity, … Read more

The Cuba Files: Cuba’s Special Period

I call it the “Depression Nobody Knows About” — at least here in the U.S. Cuba suffered a severe depression in the early Nineties that makes our “Great Recession” look like a walk in the park. Some say the Cuban economy still hasn’t recovered, and there is some truth to that. Today I talk about … Read more

No Ordinary Book Club Repost

Probably the most unusual—and moving—experiences I’ve had as an author was visiting a book club in a women’s prison to talk about my 3rd (and darkest)  Ellie Foreman novel, AN IMAGE OF DEATH. I’ve recounted that day in a blog post which Anthony Wessell at Digital Book Today has decided to repost over there. Click … Read more

The Gold Coast Madam

Hi, all. I am delighted to have the authors and publisher of a new book called THE GOLD COAST MADAM: The Secret Life Of Rose Laws over here today. For those of you not in Chicago, the Gold Coast, nestled just on the edge of Lake Michigan, is probably the most affluent neighborhood in the city. This … Read more