How To Commit The Perfect Murder: Let Me Count the Ways

When I began writing crime fiction, I remember lots of chatter about the perfect murder weapon. The undetected murder. The exotic substance that couldn’t be identified. I heard about poisons like oleander, foxglove, arsenic, and — moving up the hazardous bio-chemical scale — cyanide, sarin, and anthrax. Indeed, I flirted with ricin in one of … Read more


My two-week sojourn across Italy is over, and I’m in the UK for a little R&R. Home this weekend. It was a marvelous trip, and I met some terrific women, mostly from Arizona, as is the guide, author, and tour leader, Corinna Cooke. Her small 5-person group tours are a treat, and I strongly encourage … Read more

Chicago Blues Fest

Chicago’s Blues Fest is usually the first or second weekend in June. I used to go every year, picnic with friends, and get down with one of my favorite genres of music. Then I got published and discovered that Printers Row Book Fest was the same weekend. Goodbye, Blues Fest. Printers Row has since changed its … Read more