KDP Select: Is the Bloom off the Rose?

Here is a must read for any author in… or considering… KDP Select. Btw, my experience over the past few weeks mirrors Russell’s.


My January was incredible. March too. April was okay but not as robust. Like Russell, I believe the algos have changed. But I’m actually not that disappointed. Some of you will remember my Junkies blog. Free books are fine… but 20,000 of them at a pop? Especially when we know in advance only about 10% of them will ever get read? I’m not sanguine about the future if this keeps up.

So what IS the next best thing? Will it be Microsoft coming to the rescue of Barnes and Noble and offering heavily discounted books? Will it be Kobo, which is trying to become the “Euro” choice? Or will the Zon prevail?

Jeez… this sounds like a bad soap opera.

What do you think?