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Just a few snippets of news from my corner of the universe…

An interview with me in The Examiner by Terry Ambrose is here, but here’s the first graf:

Libby Hellmann ( writes what she calls “compulsively readable thrillers.” In this interview, the thriller author talked about where the idea for her latest book came from and the direction she’s taking next in her writing. “Havana Lost,” Hellmann’s most recent release, begins on the eve of the Cuba revolution in 1958. It’s a time in history that fascinates Hellmann, a fascination that began when she was a child.

Speaking of being a child, I judged a Halloween “Scary Story” contest sponsored by the Chicago Sun-Times for kids in grades 3-5 on Chicago’s North Shore . You can find the results here, but I was surprised by how very noir and morbid most of the stories were. Lots of pitched battles, bloody and otherwise, evil demons who conquered all, and, of course, grisly deaths. Boy, has Halloween changed.

I talk about a frustrating experiences with several years ago. Apparently, I wasn’t alone as you can read here.