For The Warm and Fuzzy Moms… and the others, too

Whether you have a Motocycle Mama, A Mother’s Day heroine like Rebecca De Mornay, or everyone’s “Mommy Dearest,” her day will be here soon. Why settle for the usual flowers, candy, or lunch to show your love? Help her escape the tedium of life—with a good book. As it happens (ahem), I have a suggestion, and it’s at a special price now through Mother’s Day.

An Eye For Murder was a personal journey for me. Not so much because it was the first Ellie Foreman mystery, but because of its backstory which involves my late mother and father in law.

My husband’s parents were “off the boat” from Germany— his mother, Lucy, in 1938, his father, Fred, in 1939. His mother cleaned houses in New York while she learned English. She used to say how she scrubbed Danny Kaye’s floors.

Fred, the sole survivor of his family, was drafted six months after he arrived in the US. But instead of going to boot camp, he was shipped up to Canada where he trained with William Stephenson (A Man Called Intrepid) who, as many of you know, was one of the founders of the OSS. Then Fred was sent back behind German lines to do intelligence work for the Allies. He came home in 1945.

Their story was so remarkable I knew I had to write about it. I hope you enjoy the result. Here’s what others have said:


 “A masterful blend of politics, history, and suspense…”

“Complicated… fascinating… Hellmann has a beautifully tuned ear… which makes many of her scenes seriously funny …”

“Taut, compelling and gripping, AN EYE FOR MURDER is one of the best mysteries I’ve read in years!”

“A brilliant debut mystery… not only has she created a wonderful character …but also she has given us a truly scary plot.”

 The Ebook is just 99 cents on Kindle through Mother’s Day.

The Audio and Print versions are available too!

 And if you’re a Mother: