I feel cheated. There we were — no masks, able to congregate beyond our “pods”, go to our favorite places to hang, all with long summer days ahead of us — and then. Bam! Smack! Do not pass Go. And, for sure, do not collect $200 dollars. The country missed its opportunity to wipe out Covid once and for all because of low vaccine rates. Which means we will be STUCK with Covid for the rest of our lives. The virus will continue to mutate inevitably into more dangerous strains, and we will probably need yearly boosters.
Can you imagine this having happened with Polio? I remember polio shots and then the polio sugar cubes. Who resisted then? No one. Not one person I know shouted about their freedom. Freedom for what, by the way? To get sick and die? Well, guess what? Now you got it. Nice to have known you.
Before you die, you should know how worse you’ve made it for everyone. Even though we are fully vaccinated, we can still give it to others unintentionally. How cool is that? If you’re a malevolent narcissist I suppose you’re laughing. Laugh away. Until you can’t breathe and are begging for the vaccine for yourself. Sorry. You’re too late.
This was NEVER a political issue. It was and remains an issue of PUBLIC HEALTH. Get it through your sick thick heads. You have made Covid a permanent fixture in our society. Happy? Got your freedom on? Enjoy it now, because when Delta comes for you, you won’t be laughing or smiling.
Or get a vaccine.
PS Sorry for the rage, folks. I just can’t believe how stupid people are. America is killing itself.