A Welcome Home Gift!

Hi, everyone. As some of you know I just got back from a long trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangkok. Fascinating and educational. I had never been so far away for so long before. I plan to share pics with you in the coming days. And yes, there will be a book. A historical saga.

So you can imagine my gratitude when I came home to a lovely feature in the new Thrilling Detective. It was altogether unexpected and made me feel all warm inside. Read it here.

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt:


You don’t need a weatherman to see which way this new Windy City eye blows.

Flawed and occasionally prickly Chicago cop GEORGIA DAVIS was a memorable supporting character in Hellmann’s Ellie Foreman amateur sleuth series, but she really comes into her own as a private eye (and Hellman ups the ante considerably) in 2008’s Easy Innocence, investigating the baseball bat murder of a popular student attending a snooty preppy high school on Chicago’s North Shore. A local sex offender who’s not quite all there stands accused, and it looks like a slam-dunk, until the suspect’s protective sister asks Davis to investigate.

Then all hell breaks loose. Fortunately, Davis’s savvy blend of compassion and gritted-teeth sense of justice is more than up to the task — and boded well for a sequel or two. And Hellman has delivered.

Thanks to Kevin for the shout-out, and just in case you don’t know the Georgia Davis novels, here they are.