AT&T — This is becoming Surreal

att_logoThought I’d give you some updates on my situation with AT&T. There was one bright spot, but then the light was snuffed out. For those who don’t know what’s going on, my post from Feb. 24 explains it, although you are not required to read it.

Update 1: By the evening of Feb. 24, an AT&T Social Media Manager called me to tell me she was on the case. Yay! She even sounded like she knew what the problem was and said she’d been working on a couple of similar problems. For the first time in 5 days, I was optimistic.

Update 2: She emailed me the morning of Feb 25 to tell me that resolving the situation might take 5-7 days. Well, okay. As long as someone was working on it.

Update 3: On Feb 26, my cell phone service was cut off. I hit the roof. I emailed a second Social Media Manager who was filling the shoes of the first one (they have staggered weekends). Within 30 minutes, my cell service was back on. Progress!!

Update 4: I received a message from the wireless people on my cell asking me to call about my “case resolution.” When I called, I was connected to someone who had NO IDEA about my case and asked me why I called. I told him AT&T had asked me to call, but I was NOT going through the case from the beginning. NOT GOOD.

Update 5: I emailed the Social Media Manager to tell her about this latest episode. Waiting to hear back. This has now passed from the realm of reality into the surreal.

At this point, questions need to be asked: Who’s in charge here? Why is a company that used to be so well respected now filled with robots who can only read a prepared script? Why doesn’t the land line division work with the wireless division? Why doesn’t the left hand know what the right hand is doing? And, how long until I can change telephone providers? I never EVER imagined that Comcast might do a better job than AT&T… but… now I’m not so sure.

AT&T, if you’re reading this, you are welcome to respond to any of the above.