Chicago Blues Fest

Chicago’s Blues Fest is usually the first or second weekend in June. I used to go every year, picnic with friends, and get down with one of my favorite genres of music.

Then I got published and discovered that Printers Row Book Fest was the same weekend. Goodbye, Blues Fest. Printers Row has since changed its date, but I still won’t make it to Blues Fest this summer. I’m tempting fate (Covid fate) and leaving for a trip to Europe in a few days for 3 weeks.

Luckily, in 2009, I edited and published Chicago Blues, a wonderful anthology with Bleak House Books. Twenty-one Chicago authors contributed stories about the Blues, however they chose to define them.  The collection was universally praised. (see below)

So, while I’m gone, I’d like to gift you my contribution to the anthology. “Your Sweet Man” is one of my favorite short stories, and I think one of my best. Its heart and soul is about the Blues and what they can do to your life. After all, the Blues are the Noir of music, and all the stories, including mine,  capture the depths to which people sink when they have the Blues.

Just the thing for dark-ish thriller fans, right? There’s just one condition. You need to be subscribed to my newsletter to get it. If that’s something you’ve been meaning to do anyway, no problem, right? If it isn’t, you might want to consider it. In addition to “Your Sweet Man,” you’ll get 7 other short stories written by me. Perfect for those summer beach reads between dips in the pool or surf.

There’s just one condition. You need to be on my newsletter list to get it. If you’ve been meaning to do that anyway, no sweat. If you haven’t, you might consider it – you’ll get 7 other short stories of mine as well. Just the thing for beach reads between dips in the pool or surf.

To sign up, just click here. Then, after you’ve been confirmed as a subscriber,

Just click here and follow the directions to download it. Then, take a few minutes to relax with an adult beverage, and enjoy!

Now you know why I hope you “Get the Blues.” In fact, I hope this will help kick off your summer in the best possible way.

Praise for Chicago Blues  

“A monument in words to this funky, mysterious and eternal American city… a fine collection.”
—Luis Alberto Urrea, author, The Hummingbird’s Daughter

“Extraordinary… Chicago Blues is a splendid bedside book, to be enjoyed for a long time.”
Chicago Tribune [read full review]

“Classy… This impressive volume has soul, grit and plenty of high notes…”
Publishers Weekly

“Twenty-one excellent reasons to stay out of the Windy City…”
Kirkus Reviews [read full review]

And, if you have time, watch the video trailer we produced to celebrate Chicago Blues.

Arrivederci, Libby