E-book Prices

I think I’ll write a much more reasoned blog next week after the holidays, but I’ve been reading a bunch of blogposts on the subject of e-book pricing over the past few days, and they make me want to scream. Here are some of them:

The Passive Voice ( A compilation of posts)

One Author Shares

The Wall Street Journal article on “Sticker Shock” E-book Prices 

Like I said, it’s enough to make me crazy. That is, assuming I haven’t already gone over the edge. But  despite all the contradictory, oxymoronish articles, I keep coming back to one thought…

How much do you pay for a latte? Grande or Tall? Over three bucks, right?  So, here’s the question. Why would you pay less for a book? Which lasts at least 10 times longer than that cup of coffee?

Really, I want to know. Why are we in a race to the bottom? Why are we allowing it to happen?

What do you think?