Hey, I Got a Badge!

Cute, huh? The badge is from MANY BOOKS, where I am Author of the Day. It was a fun interview, too. You can find the complete interview here — it’s pretty short, but I’ve excerpted the first two paragraphs below.

Please give us a short introduction to what High Crimes is about.

How do you solve a murder when there are 42,000 suspects?  That’s the task facing Chicago PI Georgia Davis, hired to hunt down those behind the assassination of Resistance leader Dena Baldwin at a demonstration fourteen months after the 2016 election.

Tell us more about Georgia Davis – what makes her tick?

Georgia is a loner. She has baggage. She doesn’t trust easily. When we meet her she is still a cop and in the middle of a love affair with a detective. Of course, that falls apart, as does her career, and she eventually becomes a PI. Through it all, though, she has a finely tuned sense of justice. She also has a predisposition toward protecting young girls, and she is a mentor in spite of herself. However, over the arc of five books now, she has slowly changed, and her life has become more complex and dependent on other people. I’m glad. It keeps her from being too hard on herself.