I’m Moving, So Here’s A Guessing Game For You

After 36 years in the same house, I’m finally downsizing. I bought a wonderful condo about two miles from the house, and I close in September. Now comes the rush to put the house on the market. Painters, handymen, floor people, my realtor, and the stager have been in and out, all of them dispensing liberal advice on how the house should look. White walls. Hardwood floors.

No pictures on the walls. Hardwood floors. Windows washed. Books taken off shelves. Did I mention hardwood floors?

So I’m now stripping everything down, sometimes packing, sometimes just getting things into boxes to be packed properly later. As you can imagine, thirty-six years has revealed a LOT of stuff, and I’m having mini-meltdowns at the thought of Actually. Throwing. Things. Away. I’m not a hoarder, but I’ve come across possessions that I just couldn’t decide whether to keep or jettison. Some are sentimental, some are beautiful, and some are relics that make me feel I’ll be losing part of myself if I toss them.

Ultimately, I did make decisions. And now I want to run them by YOU. Would you keep any of the items below? Or would you throw them away? The person who comes closest to what I actually did wins! And hmm… what should the prize be? How about a free book of mine? You choose. Sound good? Here we go…

The picture every college kid who thinks they’re somewhat intellectual has on their wall.

A sticker that was meant to stoke us for the “Big Game”

My first press pass in DC, which gets you in everywhere.

The Silver Anvil and Golden Trumpet awards that PR people give to each other for good programs (I was part of the team).

A teapot that’s been cracked and reglued so many times it’s beginning to lose its shape (I have no idea where I got it).

SO… what do you think? What am I keeping? And what am I tossing?

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