My two-week sojourn across Italy is over, and I’m in the UK for a little R&R. Home this weekend. It was a marvelous trip, and I met some terrific women, mostly from Arizona, as is the guide, author, and tour leader, Corinna Cooke. Her small 5-person group tours are a treat, and I strongly encourage you to find out more about them and her here.

Corinna also taught me about the video app Temply, an amazing production and editing phone app for Stories, Reels and other short videos, and I’m having a wonderful time experimenting with it. OK.. at this point I’m just a beginner, but like every beginner who craves praise, I thought I’d share some of my modest efforts.


The first is a quick look at Anghari, a beautiful village in the hills of Tuscany. It was almost impossible to take a bad photo here; everyone takes such care of their homes with flowers and cats making a shot irreplaceable. Corinna uses better music than I (right now) because I don’t know how to mix IG music with Temply yet, but here’s what I came up with.


Italy, and Tuscany in particular, have the most delicious looking pastries in the world. (I dare you to disagree with me). And because they’re all made without the crap the US adds to flour, fruit, and creams, they’re much healthier than ours. Yes, I have a Sweet Tooth. Do you?


Finally, the Amalfi Coast would not be the same without a view of the Blue Grotto, which we saw with all 5 of us piled into one small boat. Here is that magical place. How does the water stay so blue?

I’ll continue working on my editing skills. I might even move on to people in the next one. ENJOY!!