Questions about Goodreads Giveaways and Amazon…

archangelsMy friend, noted financial expert Janet Tavakoli, has published her first work of fiction, Archangels: the Rise of the Jesuits. (It’s a fascinating read, btw, and I recommend it highly). However, that’s not the purpose of this post.

To boost awareness of her book, she conducted a Goodreads Giveaway, which I always thought was a wonderful way to create buzz. Janet, in her always methodical way, has uncovered some interesting developments about her experience with Goodreads and Amazon. Since I have a Goodreads Giveaway starting next week, I thought I’d make you aware of her Huffington Post article about the situation. Seems like a closed loop that benefits Amazon friends and allies only. I hope I’m wrong.









What has your experience been with Goodreads Giveaways???