Sample Some Excellent Thrillers…

Mysteries, Thrills and SpillsLooking for some great reads? Look no further. Some of my author pals and I have put together a Sampler of our favorite thrillers. And it’s absolutely free. And it’s available both as a Mobi file and an E-pub. (Right-click or control-click on those links to download the file to your hard drive.) Included are:

A Man Overboard by Shawn Hopkins

The Ninth District by Douglas Dorow

Jet by Russell Blake

A Cape May Diamond by Larry Enright

Three Lies by Helen Hanson

Twisted Vengeance by Jeff Bennington

Vigilante by  Claude Bouchard

And of course,

Easy Innocence by Yours Truly

So… what are you waiting for? Go for it! We hope you’ll enjoy the excerpts so much that you’ll want to buy the entire lot. :)

Btw, if you don’t have an ereader yet, you can download a free Kindle App for your phone, PC, tablet, or Mac.