SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE — Favor needed

I have a favor to ask everyone… at least those of you who’ve listened to the audio of SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE and rated/ reviewed it on Audible. I’ve had to set up a new page for the audio (the rights reverted to me– which is good). However, the ratings and reviews could not be transferred to the new page — which is bad. Especially since there were a bunch of them.

So I’m asking anyone who already commented about FIRE on Audible to repost their reviews/ratings. In order to do that, I will send you a code for a free copy that will link to the new page. Let me know if you’re willing.

However, if you HAVENT listened to the audio but WANT to in exchange for a review, please contact me, and I’ll also send you a code for a free copy.

Thanks, everyone… Playing  catch-up is a bear.