10 ways to ‘Read’ More Books with Audio

10 ways to ‘Read’ More Books with Audio

Audiobook sales are booming. Goodereader says that the global audiobook industry is currently worth 2.8 billion dollars and that approximately 3.88 million audiobooks were downloaded in 2015 compared to 2.47 million ebooks. Indeed, audiobooks are the fastest-growing distribution method in publishing today. I won’t go into all the reasons–you probably already know them–but I will … Read more

Nobody’s Child is Here!

A Personal Message from Libby: Hi. I’m Libby Hellman and I write crime fiction. I’m very excited to tell you that my 11th book has just come out. It’s called Nobody’s Child – this is it – it’s the 4th installment in my Georgia Davis series. It’s a very personal book for Georgia. She discovers … Read more

Animal Lovers: This Is For You!

  By Libby Hellman  12-2-2013 My friend and Top Suspense colleague Vicki Hendricks, mistress of erotic noir fiction, heads in a different direction with Fur People, a novel about animals and the people who love them. For those of you who may not be familiar with her, Vicki is the author of noir novels Miami Purity, … Read more

SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE — Favor needed

I have a favor to ask everyone… at least those of you who’ve listened to the audio of SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE and rated/ reviewed it on Audible. I’ve had to set up a new page for the audio (the rights reverted to me– which is good). However, the ratings and reviews could not … Read more