Amazon’s Lengthening Shadow RE:The Passive Voice, and Kris

If you’ve been living on a desert island somewhere and don’t read THE PASSIVE VOICE regularly, shame on you. Yesterday’s post is a must-read. Passive Guy is correct. Mike Shatzkin is finding it increasingly difficult to defend Big Publishing, and this post is no exception. Oh, and just in case you haven’t read Krish … Read more

Amazon Select: We are All Junkies Now

It’s been over a month since the Amazon KDP Select started, and we’re beginning to see the ramifications of the program. And although I’m making good money, I’m scared. For those of you who don’t know, Amazon created the KDP Select program to increase their base of Prime Customers (those who pay no shipping costs … Read more

A Conversation about Online Book Promotion: What, How, and Why

As you know, I’m both a traditionally published and indie author. Last week I talked about traditionally published authors, but this week I’m crossing over to the indie side of the street. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have hooked up with some imaginative and creative indie authors who not only write wonderful books but know … Read more

Predictions: E-books and Publishers and Amazon

First off, I’m not a prognosticator or guru. As a traditionally published and indie author, I straddle both sides of the fence, but I have no academic or other credentials from which to predict the future of ebooks and  publishing. But occasionally I do like to take the long view and try to make sense … Read more