5 Great Books That Were Movie Stinkers

I’m taking an online course with Aaron Sorkin this summer (oh joy!), and for a change, I’m trying to wrap my head around films, as opposed to books, and what makes a great screenplay. (Hint: It’s not these). How many times have you loved the book but hated the film? Some people swear books are … Read more

A Motion Picture In Slow Motion

I’m thrilled to host my friend and fellow writer Deborah Donnelly today. She actually had one of her books made into a TV movie! See? It really can happen. Here’s Deborah’s story.  I used to be a terribly impatient person. Now I have a black belt in waiting. You see, Veiled Threats, the first title in my … Read more

Espionage Movie Classics (IMHO)

Since the cold weather will be with us for a while longer, I’m planning to re-watch some of my favorite spy thriller films. I’d even call them “classics.” But which ones? Excluding James Bond films, here are a few of my all-time favorites, mostly because of their excellent use of suspense techniques. In fact, if … Read more