Nanowrimo Writing Lite Video Tip #11: The Rhythm of Language

      We’re almost at the end of the Writing Lite tips for Nanowrimo. But I couldn’t ignore a topic that I not only enjoy but think is really important. And that’s the rhythm of language. Listen in.      

Nanowrimo Video Writing Tip #11 — Language and Pace

Let’s explore language, with an emphasis on pacing. Sometimes you want longer sentences. Sometimes you want crisp short ones. One of my favorite passages that shows the variety of pacing is from Raymond Chandler. He’s talking about a bar opening for the evening. Listen in. And yes, you can have a glass of wine. 

Writing Lite #10 — Less is More

This installment of Writing Lite is a wrap-up of some language tips, all under the general umbrella of “Less is More.” It includes how much description and backstory to use, plus adjectives and words to strip out of your fiction.