The Book Chat


Hi everyone. Some of you may not have heard that I’ll be experimenting with a new technology on Tuesday, April 17th. I’ll be doing a Virtual Video Book Chat about A BITTER VEIL, my newest release (It’s a literary thriller set in Revolutionary Iran). The time is 6 PM EDT, so plan accordingly.

The entity making it possible is Shindig Events, and they are MUCH more robust than Skype could ever be. They’ve designed their website to handle up to 500 people at once, and if you have a camera on your computer, I can see you… even call on you if you have questions. You can also chat among yourselves. I even have a slide show prepared… (not to worry.. it’s short)


I’m always looking for new ways of reaching out, so I hope you’ll join me. Hey, it’s free…
and all you need to do is go to:

That’s it! It should last about an hour, and I’ll keep lots of time for Q&A…
so feel free to kick back with your favorite beverage and tune in to watch me
make a fool of myself…

(It won’t be the first time…)

I’ll also be announcing a special contest at the conclusion of the talk.

PS I’ll probably post a reminder a day or two before the event.. just in case.