The Libby App

You know that your local library has thousands of ebooks and audiobooks, but did you know that you can borrow them, instantly, for free, using your favorite device?

How? There’s a new app in town, created by Overdrive, and it’s called— wait for it— Libby.  Wasn’t it kind of Overdrive to name their new application after me? :-) (Hey guys, I’m just kidding — but it is a coincidence!)

Here’s what you can do with ebooks and audiobooks using your Libby app:

  • Find a book/audio
  • Borrow a book/audio
  • Return a book/audio
  • Renew a book/audio
  • Read/listen to a book or audio

And more… all in one place.

Here’s how it works. You need to have a library card at your local library first. If you’re like me, you have more than one library card. Fear not — the Libby App can handle both or more in one place.  Tap to find your library, enter your library card number and password, and then you’ll be able browse and start reading or listening right away. As with Overdrive, you can send books to your Kindle. That can be configured in your Libby app.

Reviews of the App are in and here’s what people are saying: “easy to use,” “checkouts are much easier,” “the most beautiful library book app ever,” and “librarian approved.”

Of course, there might be a glitch or two in the beginning. For example, one of the sample audio files I chose didn’t load.

The chief advantage for me is that all my library checkouts are in one place, and I can easily see how much time I have left to read or listen to my books. The FAQ section stated that later this month, they will be rolling out the ability to see where you are in the hold line for a book. That’s pretty neat!

Another feature that I’m looking forward to is the indication that I’ve already read a book – I tend to forget what I’ve read or listened to.  Reportedly, the cover image of the book flips across to the right side once it has been read.

Want to learn more? Head here: where you can download the Libby app for your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to read wherever on whatever device you want.

The best part? You can take Libby everywhere, and isn’t that a nice thought. Hey, do you think they’ll come up with a t-shirt? I want one!