Bletchley Park: Setting the Scene

Bletchley PMost of you you know I’m a former film and video producer as well as a history addict, particularly periods of history that are fraught with conflict. I was lucky enough to visit Bletchley Park in the UK over the holidays, and, of course, I took dozens of photos which I’ll organize and post in the coming days.

To start though, I have a series of very short film clips — almost all of them documentary footage of the war years from the British POV. Because I couldn’t resist “filming the films”(so to speak), I’ll start with those to set the stage for the massive codebreaking effort that was Bletchley Park. The clips are roughly in chronological order. They are all uploaded at You Tube, and you can see them all together here. But if you want to pore over them at a leisurely pace, here are the first few. I’ll follow with more tomorrow. Apologies for the quality — this was as good as I could manage with my iPhone.