5 Possible Settings For My Next Thrillers

With a world of exciting, mysterious and historic locations to write about, I’m often asked where I’ll set my next story. Happily, there are plenty of places on my agenda, and if I write a caper novel, which I’m considering btw, I might have even more places to discover. For now, though, here are my … Read more

Bletchley Park: The Imitation Game

It was fortuitous that I visited Bletchley Park at the same time as The Imitation Game is in theaters, because parts of the movie were actually shot there. The production crew meticulously recreated several sets, and even better, left them up after the shoot. I’m not sure if they will be a permanent fixture, but I thought … Read more

Bletchley Park: Breaking The Enigma

The sine qua non of the war effort at Bletchley Park was the need to break the German Enigma machine. The Enigma was basically a mechanical cipher machine that was used by every German military (and some civilian) sectors  to transmit messages about troop movements, bombings, battle plans, Uboats, and other German war tactics. The … Read more

Bletchley Park: Codebreaking Tradecraft

Those of you who know more than I do about codebreaking (and that’s likely most of you reading this) know this already. But I didn’t, so for myself and others who don’t, there are six basic steps to codebreaking, as practiced in Bletchley Park during the War. The signage at Bletchley explains: “If you can … Read more

Bletchley Park: “Setting the Scene” — Part 2

As the war progressed, so did the work at Bletchley, particularly after Alan Turing developed the Ultra. And all in total secrecy. It’s amazing to think that over 10,000 people worked at Bletchley over the war years, but no one knew. The secrecy was impenetrable — something that would probably be impossible today. And it … Read more

Bletchley Park: Setting the Scene

Most of you you know I’m a former film and video producer as well as a history addict, particularly periods of history that are fraught with conflict. I was lucky enough to visit Bletchley Park in the UK over the holidays, and, of course, I took dozens of photos which I’ll organize and post in … Read more