Desperate Housewives — The End?

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Afghanistan is on edge… Iran is heating up… and Rush Limbaugh keeps making crazy statements. I say it’s time to go where there are real issues to contend with: the final season of ABC’s Desperate Housewives. DH has been one of my guilty pleasures ever since it began, and even though I can get it online or streamed, I usually make sure I’m home every Sunday evening so I can watch it when it’s broadcast.

But now it’s the last season, and I’m almost in mourning. No longer will I cluck at Bree’s crazy behavior, feel sympatico with Lynette, admire Gaby’s perfect outfits, or let Susan drive me crazy. Not to mention Mike, Carlos, Tom, Renee and all the other characters who are always impeccably dressed, coiffed, and costumed.

The show is clearly gearing up for a grand finale, and there are lots of questions to be resolved… those of you who watch know what I mean. So I thought it would be fun to ask you –my  readers and faithful DH viewers —  what you think is going to happen. Please leave your answers in the comments section! I have my own theories, but I’ll save them for later.

Here we go.

— Will Bree see through Orson in time?

— Will Renee end up with Ben? Will they both live?

— Will Tom come crawling back to Lynette? Will she take him back?

— What about Julie and Porter? What’s going to happen to the baby? Is there going to be a sudden “accident?”

— And what about Paul Young? Has he suffered enough? Or will there be another twist at the last minute?

— Who killed the cop, Orson or Paul?

— Will Susan ever stop meddling in everyone’s business?

— Will Gaby ever think of other people instead of herself?

— Who’s going to die in the final episode? Why?


What do you think? If you had to end the series, how would you do it? And do you think there will be a DH movie sequel?