Nanowrimo Video Writing Tip #6: Authentic Characters

When I finished my first manuscript and sent it to an editor, she broke the news to me that my characters sucked. That they weren’t believable, they did things because I wanted them to, not because it was in their nature. I learned the hard way that I’m really not in charge of my characters … Read more

Nanowrimo Video Writing Tip #5: Character Backstories

There are many exercises and techniques with which you can experiment to develop your characters, but this is my favorite. I use it all the time with important characters, and once I get into it, I’m always surprised to learn who a character really is, what shaped them, what motivates them, and how they’re going … Read more

Writing Lite #5 — Character Backstories

Writing Lite Video Series

I’m baaack.. with another Writing Lite segment. This time I’m starting a series on character development and how to do it. Today I talk about my favorite technique — writing character backstories. They only have to be a couple of single spaced pages, but they accomplish so much. What do you think?