(Mostly) Unsuccessful WW2 Espionage on the Home Front

Europe, the main theater of World War Two, was thousands of miles across the Atlantic. But Nazi intelligence inserted German operatives into American cities and tried to convert German-Americans to Nazism well before the war broke out. During the war itself America saw plenty of espionage incidents and there was probably much more spy activity … Read more

The Winston Churchill War Rooms

I spent a week across the pond over the holidays, and one of my must-see visits was to the Churchill War Rooms. What are they? Glad you asked. Follow me back in time to World War Two.  Britain was facing dark days, embroiled in a conflict that would kill millions of civilians and soldiers and ultimately … Read more

Goodreads Giveaway Time!

War, Spies and Bobby Sox by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Hi, everyone. Here’s something to make your New Year a bit more interesting (I hope). My new book, WAR SPIES AND BOBBY SOX will be released February 28, 2017, but you can win 1 of 3 print copies now by signing up for a copy at Goodreads! Enjoy the read, and I hope you will … Read more