Bletchley Park: The Imitation Game

IMG_2583It was fortuitous that I visited Bletchley Park at the same time as The Imitation Game is in theaters, because parts of the movie were actually shot there. The production crew meticulously recreated several sets, and even better, left them up after the shoot. I’m not sure if they will be a permanent fixture, but I thought you might want to see them, as well as some of the costumes and props that were used.

mick-one1Before we go to them, though, it’s interesting to note that while The Imitation Game may be the best of the lot, it is not the only film made about Bletchley Park. Enigma, which was released in 2001, stars Kate Winslet and Dougray Scott. Curiously, it was funded, in part, by none other than Mick Jagger, who has his very own Enigma machine, which was used in the film. Who knew? You can rent it on Amazon (the film, not the machine).

There’s also a short film, Decoding Alan Turing, on Amazon. As well as two other documentaries, Triumph of the Codebreakers, and Rise of the Enigma.  And, of course, the PBS/BBC series The Bletchley Circle, which really isn’t about Bletchley, but is quite good. And there are even more films and TV shows which you can find here.

Now on to The Imitation Game  


Costumes and props used for the film










The bar, which was totally reconstructed for the film

IMG_2600IMG_2596 IMG_2595














One of the offices that was constructed for Turing’s boss (I forget his name)











The library, which was also totally reconstructed… with books….












The Bombe — the fantastic machine/computer that Turing and Welchman designed to crack the Enigma was meticulously recreated as well. Front and back.IMG_2592












And finally, back to one of the huts, which wasn’t really in the film, but I wanted to pretend…IMG_2616