Bletchley Park: The Imitation Game

It was fortuitous that I visited Bletchley Park at the same time as The Imitation Game is in theaters, because parts of the movie were actually shot there. The production crew meticulously recreated several sets, and even better, left them up after the shoot. I’m not sure if they will be a permanent fixture, but I thought … Read more

8 Movie Musicals To Watch During April Showers

Some of you know I write a column for Women’s Voices Magazine. Happily, it’s in their “Enjoy” section, which means I get to write about books and movies I’ve loved — every month. Usually they’re not new films or books, but they are centered on a theme. Recently, I wrote about Movie Musicals. Since April … Read more

Binge Watch Your Way Through The Holidays

“The holidays are coming.” If that thought fills you with dread, don’t despair. I have a solution: BingeWatch through them! Many of you already know the term, but for those who don’t, it’s the newest way to watch shows on Netflix, Amazon, OnDemand, or even DVDs—all at once or over a couple of days. Thus, … Read more