Audio Week… because why not?

Welcome to Audiobook Week. I mean, it is August, so the alliteration works, right? Actually, it happens that I do have some special things going on with  my audiobooks this week, and I wanted you to know about them. Today (and every day if you haven’t joined you can get your first audiobook FREE… … Read more

How to Produce an Audiobook in 7 Steps

The Audible website hosts more than 200,000 audiobooks, and more readers listen to audiobooks than ever before. If you’re a writer who’s just starting to think about converting your work to audio, here’s an overview based on working with ACX, Audible’s platform for audiobook production. It’s open to all authors, indie and traditional, as well … Read more

¡La Habana Perdida — Ahora, El Audio!

Un thriller en gran parte ambientado en Cuba, que se extiende por tres generaciones de la misma familia. ¡Mas de 200 comentarios in inglés!  Ahora disponible en audio. En vísperas de la Revolución Cubana, la testaruda Francesca Pacelli, de 18 años de edad, huye de su despiadado padre, un Jefe de la Mafia en La … Read more