Your 2015 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

Hi, all. It’s summer, when millions of us look forward to spending time reading in the sun or shade. Here are six books I’m excited about this summer: some are thrillers and crime fiction; others aren’t. But they’re all going to be great reads. Promise. The Swimmer by Joakim Zander I read The Swimmer, an espionage … Read more

My Six Favorite Male Mystery authors

My favorite male mystery authors

My favorite male mystery authors

It’s so hard to whittle down my favorite authors. I’ve read so many wonderfully dark, nuanced stories over the years. But these are the male authors I have on automatic buy… or listen. Being the proud owner of an iPhone (plus the cool thingie you plug directly into the cigarette lighter to make the audio come out of the radio) means I’m becoming fonder of audio by the minute.

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