WYCC Mystery Marathon and Me

A couple of months ago, I was honored to be included in the “Mystery Marathon”, an entire weekend of mystery shows sponsored by WYCC, a Chicago public station.  Over the weekend they interviewed me during some of the breaks between the shows. I’ve tried to edit out the pledge parts, so what remains is about 20 minutes of a … Read more

A Narrator’s-Eye View of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are quickly changing the way we “read.” Yes, I’m a book addict, but there’s just not enough time in the day for me to escape with a great story. So I make time. When I’m in the car, walking the dog, or cleaning the house, I now listen to audiobooks. In fact, audio is … Read more

News And Views

Just a few snippets of news from my corner of the universe… An interview with me in The Examiner by Terry Ambrose is here, but here’s the first graf: Libby Hellmann (www.libbyHellmann.com) writes what she calls “compulsively readable thrillers.” In this interview, the thriller author talked about where the idea for her latest book came from and … Read more

An Interview with Libby – On Havana Lost and a Writer’s Life

Havana Lost

Well, that’s it. My latest novel, Havana Lost, is finally out in the wild, being read by a bunch of fans who have downloaded the Advance Reader Copy. I’ve already been asked a whole load of questions about the writing process, the book, the characters and Cuba itself. Here are my answers. What attracted you … Read more