Best Beach Read Of The Summer

A couple of months ago mystery author Sujata Massey approached me about doing a “Bundle.” For the uninitiated, a Bundle is a collection of novels by several authors, usually sold at a discount. I didn’t  say no (story of my life, but that’s another story), and the result is Killer Femmes. The reason I accepted is that the … Read more

For The Warm and Fuzzy Moms… and the others, too

Whether you have a Motocycle Mama, A Mother’s Day heroine like Rebecca De Mornay, or everyone’s “Mommy Dearest,” her day will be here soon. Why settle for the usual flowers, candy, or lunch to show your love? Help her escape the tedium of life—with a good book. As it happens (ahem), I have a suggestion, … Read more

Easy Innocence — Countdown Deal

Just to let you know that EASY INNOCENCE, the first Georgia Davis PI thriller, is part of Amazon’s new Countdown Deal. The ebook is just $.99 today and tomorrow, then $1.99 Wednesday and Thursday, and $2.99 Friday and Saturday. If you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll take a look here.