I Pushed The Wrong Button: HOA Chaos

This might be called “How To Screw Up a Google Hangout… and then Fix it Afterwards” You see, we were planning a cool event for the Killer Femmes Bundle I’m a part of.  We were going to do a Google Hangout and talk about “The Secrets to Writing a Series.” Four of the five of us … Read more

Killer Femmes: The Stories Behind The Stories

Killer Femmes

The Killer Femmes “bundle” (also available on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks) is special because I’m sharing space with some of my favorite  authors in the crime fiction community. They are all terrific writers, and I gobble up their books as soon as they come out. But I realize you might not know them… so today I’m … Read more

Best Beach Read Of The Summer

A couple of months ago mystery author Sujata Massey approached me about doing a “Bundle.” For the uninitiated, a Bundle is a collection of novels by several authors, usually sold at a discount. I didn’t  say no (story of my life, but that’s another story), and the result is Killer Femmes. The reason I accepted is that the … Read more

Killer Femmes — The Glossi

Some of you may remember I created a “Glossi” for Havana Lost.  Well, we did it again, this time for Killer Femmes which is now available on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. Would love you to take a look… it’s a little book about the book. Kind of like the “play within a play” concept … Read more