Illinois Governor’s Race: The Money

Yo, Illinois voters. Want to know how much is being spent on the Illinois Governor’s race? Thought so. Here is a chart, which will automatically update, developed by Pro-Publica. (Many thanks, guys!). Use it to help sharpen your views as to who can lead our state out of budget problems, systemic corruption, languishing schools, and … Read more

GAME ON 2018: Voter Suppression, Part 2

Of all the dissolute goings-on this country faces, voting suppression strikes at the heart of our democracy, and to me is the most frightening. Simply put, we are at a tipping point. Unless we make major changes in the way we vote and how those votes are tabulated, we’re going to sleepwalk into a dystopian … Read more

Blueprint for Fixing Our World #2: 6 Steps To Help Defeat Trump’s Autocracy and the Subversion of Democracy

­ Everything that Donald Trump has done or said since becoming President has been laced with the threads of authoritarianism. Trump and his Cabinet of billionaires yearn to rule with absolute power, obedience, and unfettered greed. And they have wasted no time trying to achieve those goals. What’s emerged over the past six months is … Read more

Last Boomer Lit for a While

  Here’s another excerpt from Set The Night on Fire, an example of Boomer Lit. In it, two characters, Rain and Dar, are seeing each for the first time since the late Sixties. They’re talking about another person they lived with back then. Remember, this is a thriller. Rain opened her eyes. “You need to … Read more