Location, Location, Location

High Crimes by Libby Fischer Hellmann

So the release of HIGH CRIMES is only a month away. I’m getting excited – maybe you are too, just a little? To whet your appetite, I thought it would be fun to take a “Behind the Scenes” look at some of the locations in the novel, because Georgia doesn’t stay in Chicago this time … Read more

Blueprint for Fixing our World – #3, Part 1: Trump and Voting Suppression

The term voter suppression describes the efforts, both legal and illegal, to stop eligible people from casting their vote. It is not new: voting suppression in the US stretches back to 1838’s Gallatin County Election Day Battle. Today, however, it’s become increasingly heinous and dangerous. In fact, Democratic Senator Chris Coons recently said in Time … Read more

Blueprint for Fixing Our World #2: 6 Steps To Help Defeat Trump’s Autocracy and the Subversion of Democracy

­ Everything that Donald Trump has done or said since becoming President has been laced with the threads of authoritarianism. Trump and his Cabinet of billionaires yearn to rule with absolute power, obedience, and unfettered greed. And they have wasted no time trying to achieve those goals. What’s emerged over the past six months is … Read more

A Blueprint for Fixing Our World

Remember Vlad the Impaler, the medieval prince who gave us our first version of the blood-sucking Dracula? The past seventeen years have seen the rise of a true-to-life Vlad, now the leader of Russia. He and his oligarch buddies helped support—in fact, resuscitate—Donald Trump. They saved him from his third bankruptcy, provided opportunities for him … Read more

Recount? Please?

A group of respected computer scientists have spotted a serious anomaly in voting results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvanis, and they say it warrants an audit. The story started in May, when the Democratic National Committee discovered suspicious behavior on its computer network. It called in the security firm CrowdStrike, who found two hacker groups … Read more